Coated  & Uncoated Invercote - 2 unique paperboard options exclusively from Green Gift Cards


For years the holy grail for Green Gift Cards was to develop a solution that would emulate plastic cards in their look and feel to encourage brands to switch to paperboard. Ironically, once we had achieved this target, one brand who recognised that change in shoppers’ views was becoming a big deal asked us to develop an uncoated version which needed to be overtly ‘papery’ and natural in its appearance. So, working with our paper partners, Iggesund, we started producing uncoated Invercote in 790mic thickness to complement the already popular coated Invercote material we use. The uncoated material is supplied directly from the mill on an exclusive basis to Livewire and is also available from Livewire’s card print partners Thames Technology.

This means Green Gift Cards from Livewire and Thames are available in 2 paperboard options. Our coated paperboard gives a very similar appearance to plastic cards, with a smooth finish and is perfect for embellishments such as our 100% compostable gloss, matt or satin laminates from Celanese.  On the other hand, our uncoated material offers a very tactile, natural and earthy feel for those brands who want to convey that their cards are paperboard and not plastic. 

Both coated and uncoated have exceptional print characteristics, are compostable to EN13432, are easily recycled in normal household waste streams and offer probably the best alternative to plastic available today for gift, loyalty, membership and ID cards and they boast the most compelling and unrivalled green credentials from seed to end of life.