Selfridges make a bold environmental statement with Green Gift Cards.


I often say the retail industry’s desire to move away from plastic gift cards has been slow, too slow, but is now gaining momentum – most recently highlighted by a deal with Selfridges to convert thier gift cards to our paperboard as part of its plastic-free plan and commitment to the environment.

As the founder of Green Gift Cards it's my view that when any major players like Selfridges see and touch our alternative and look deeper into the benefits of switching, the long-established ties to plastic cards quickly dissolve and concerns about durability and increased production costs are dispelled.

Our trials have shown the cards to not only endure the required usage pattern but are also indistinguishable from the look and feel of traditional plastic cards when tested with the public and even industry members.

After our relentless, intensive work to create the best plastic-free alternative with sustainability at its heart from the forest to the store, it’s great to see brands and retailers embracing the initiative for the clear environmental benefits. They also appreciate the clear business benefits with a greater range of design options and marketing potential to reach consumers who are increasingly mindful of businesses’ environmental stance.

It's also great to see Selfridges take the bold step of announcing their switch unlike some other brands who are too concerned about drawing negative attention about all the remaining plastic in their stores rather then shouting about their positive move away from plastic for their cards. For me though, gift cards are a small by vital step and very visible to shoppers that a brand is going the right direction!

Media coverage in the Evening Standard and Fashion Network