6 ways to make your packaging stand out

4 Nov 2021 • 3 minute read

Over the years we’ve seen a huge influx of people ordering online and as a result, unboxing videos are quickly becoming a trend. Your packaging is your window display for the online world, so it’s important that it stands out against the competitors and adds value to your product.

Packaging is part of the customer experience, which is why it needs to make an impact. Despite it having a short shelf life, creating a stand-out package experience can indirectly improve business growth and sales - it can be the little things that count that keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Creative and stand-out packaging can generate brand awareness, customer loyalty and add value. With online ordering increasing, it only makes sense to take some time to review your strategy and brand when it comes to presenting your product straight out of the box.

That’s why, at Green Gift Cards, we’ve listed some of the ways you can make your packaging stand out amongst the crowd.

1) Add a handwritten note

Adding in a handwritten note to your packaging can add a personal touch. In an increasingly digital world, it’s always nice to receive a card, postcard or note as you feel like someone has really made an effort.

A handwritten note, especially from a business, can have a huge impact. It could be the factor that makes your customers appreciate your business and come back again. It also doesn’t cost too much, but it can depend on order quantity.

Despite this, it’s worth giving it a try as it could be the ticket to customer loyalty.

2) Add your brand

Rather than just plain cardboard, you could get your own branded packaging that lets your customer know their parcel is from you. People often associate your product with its packaging and that can instigate a reaction or emotional connection with your business.

Therefore, branded packaging can make your product memorable and create a positive emotional response. If you don’t have the budget to make your own custom boxes, you can try and purchase a branded stamp that you can simply add to your package to make it stand out. 

3) Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is increasingly becoming more popular. With more awareness on the plastic pollution crisis, it’s now time that businesses played their part in the fight.

Providing eco-friendly packaging or sustainable packaging can not only make an impact to the environment but can also make an impact for your customers.

Consumers are swiftly making buyer decisions based on the sustainability and environmental factors of companies. Therefore, it makes sense to create packaging that is friendly to the environment.

At Green Gift Cards, we recently worked with Photobox and packaging company, Burgopak to create their new branded eco-friendly packaging and gift cards. The result was colourful, environmentally friendly packaging that stood out from their competitors – and it’s 100% recyclable.

4) Add some colour

Bold colours can really stand out when it comes to packaging. There have also been many examples of colour having an impact on your consumers buying decisions.

Therefore, it’s important to get your colours and branding right should you choose to put this on your packaging.

It’s not uncommon to receive an unimaginative black logo on plain cardboard but these days even eco-friendly packaging can be painted with colour. Different colours not only stand out amongst competitors but also can influence emotion in those that receive it, so it’s wise to think about how you would use it.

Colour doesn’t have to be on the outside, it can also be used for any insert, tissue wrap or the inside of the box – wherever you think would have the most impact and help you stand out.


5) Give it a purpose

Similar to creating eco-friendly packaging, reusable packaging can add value for your customers and help the environment. Your customers may not expect it, so it can make a real impact on arrival.

It also works a little like a promotional merchandise product in that they will continue to have your brand in mind and typically, if they want to purchase the product again, your brand will be at the forefront of their minds.

Branded tote bags, containers or coloured zip-up bags can be easy to send as packaging and enables your customers to use them for alternative purposes.

6) Effective labels

Stickers or labels can actually add a real impact if you can’t afford to get your own branded boxes or add colour. For smaller businesses, labels can add a really nice touch to a plain box which can include your brand, a little note to say thanks, or some tips or instructions.

It can add design to an otherwise plain box inexpensively, whilst also adding a personal touch for your consumers. You can even add a QR code as a technological element and send people to your website to say a little thank you, if you want.

In addition to this, textured labelling brings depth and personality, whilst simpler more minimal styles can add clear, bold messages that stand out, depending on your customer preferences.

Whatever you do you want to make sure your packaging and your brand match. It needs to be relevant and built for your customers. Whilst you can get creative with making your packaging stand out, you also need to bear in mind ease of use and the purpose that it is there for. So always make sure your packaging is created and designed for your product.​​​​​​



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