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We wouldn’t be in a position to offer our unique proposition without the extremely strong relationships and agreements that have been forged with our trusted and valued partners. Each of them listed below follow our own ethos and determination to make positive changes in the way we produce all types of cards – replacing plastic with an environmentally friendly alternative.


Livewire, the owner of the Green Gift Card brand, consider the relationship with Iggesund to be very special. Their support with R&D and the production of unique versions of the Invercote paperboard have helped us achieve our market leading position and continued innovation.

Iggesund Paperboard strive to inspire next-century print and packaging with sustainable paperboard products, services and advice that enhance the value of world-class brands. Their market-leading Invercote® and Incada® brands are used by some of the world’s most demanding luxury brand owners. Outstanding characteristics include superior durability, excellent colour reproduction, whiteness that does not fade, taint and odour neutrality and design versatility. Established in 1685 and part of the Holmen forest industry group, the company relies on its own sustainably managed forests to ensure a renewable material for centuries to come

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Ricoh has been collaborating with Livewire on its Green Gift Cards business since early 2022. And is proud to be able to contribute to Livewire’s disruption of the European, and then global, gift card market with a plastic-free alternative. The partnership taps into our class-leading digital production technology centred on our digital sheetfed flagship ProTM C9200 press and our TotalFlow workflow solutions, providing a viable, environmentally responsible print process that is gaining traction in the market. By working with Livewire’s partner, the Swedish paper mill, Iggesund, we are ensuring full substrate recyclability. The environmental benefits are in fact at the very heart of Ricoh’s involvement in this partnership with Green Gift Cards which is an important manifestation of our commitment to sustainability and a circular economy.


To enhance the experience of receiving a gift card, Green Gift cards has partnered with leading card packaging specialist Burgopak. The Burgopak Optimised range offers all a number of uniquely designed packaging mechanisms specifically for cards that we feel are a perfect fit for our Green Gift Cards.

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Magicard is a pioneer of ID card printing technologies with a full range of desktop devices to meet any local, on-demand, secure ID card issuance requirement. Magicard’s reputation for innovation and differentiated products is underpinned by its experienced team of UK-based expert engineers. Design, new product development and all manufacturing are located centrally at its headquarters in Weymouth, UK.

Magicard printers are trusted to print millions of secure ID cards annually for corporates, schools, governments and infrastructure facilities throughout the world. Applications range from membership, physical and logical access control cards right through to secure IDs such as Drivers Licences and National ID cards. In addition to ID card printers, Magicard’s other product offers include TrustID desktop ID card issuance software and Securicards smart cards.

We are working closely with the teams at Magicard to develop the first 100% paperboard-based alternative to plastic cards.

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To offer a diverse range of creative embellishments to our cards we have partnered with the inspirational and environmentally conscious team at FoilCo. Again, like all our partners what drew us to FoilCo was their unique approach to reducing their impact on the environment through their Zero2landfill scheme. 

One common question we get asked is ‘Is the foil recyclable?’ The answer is yes - foil is so thin that it dissipates within the re-pulping process on our paperboard.

Foilco are leaders their industry and are changing misconceptions about foil as well as trying to change the way that companies handle their foil waste. Together we can now support our customers through the Zero2Landfill initiative by collecting their foil waste and placing it through our own specialist waste management systems.

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Celanese is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer of cellulose diacetate films and they utilise specialised casting technology in their production processes. Celanese was the first company in the world to commercialise diacetate films and have pioneered and refined this material for more than half a century.

We use their Clarifoil® cellulose based film to add protection, strength and water resistance to our cards and have the choice of high gloss, matt or satine. Clarifoil® film is made from a renewable source: PEFC certified wood pulp and is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable to EN13432, ASTMD6400 and Vincotte OK Compost Home, so it is the perfect product for our cards.

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We’re Proud to be members of the GCVA

The Gift Card and Voucher Association (GCVA) is a very active trade body and membership organisation that provides a platform and infrastructure to raise the profile of gift cards within the UK, positively positioning the sector to consumers, businesses, government and interested parties. We’re delighted to be a member and to have the opportunity to work closely with them on their green initiative.


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We're Proud to be members of the IMA Europe


MIFARE®, NXP® Semiconductors’ leading brand for contactless solutions, helps make everyday interactions more secure and convenient, independent of location and time. Today, MIFARE IC and cloud products are used in more than 750 cities, in over 50 countries, and in more than 40 different applications such as public transport, hospitality, loyalty and micropayment. 

MIFARE products comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 14443. These secure, scalable and flexible products support multiple form factors, from smart cards and tickets to mobiles and wearables. Over 1,000 business partners are part of the open MIFARE community and ecosystem.

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