50 billion
Smart cards in circulation today
10 billion
Smart cards shipped in 2020. $21b market by 2023¹
90% plastic
In nearly every case these are plastic - SIM, ID, payment, access, transit cards

A viable, eco-friendly alternative for contactless smart cards

RFID (Radio Frequency ID) cards, otherwise known as contactless cards, smart cards or proximity cards, are becoming an increasingly popular choice for door entry systems, travel, payment and asset tracking, among other applications. They are often chosen due to their ease of use and security features whilst offering excellent business branding opportunities.

Each year approx 30 million kgs of PVC is used to make bank cards around the world. That's the same weight of nearly 150 747 Jumbo jets, and most of these end up in landfill or get incinerated for Waste to Energy - which gives off toxic gases such as Dioxin.

These cards have almost only been available as plastic cards, and more recently, as recycled plastic and PLA alternatives until now. Our unique production method ensures contactless cards can be produced plastic free. Even the RFID/NFC elements do not feature any plastic. Whereas traditional cards feature plastic or PET inlays, we use a paper inlay, which makes them far less damaging to the environment when they reach their end of life. 

Our solution is a shift away from the damaging impact of the millions of plastic contactless cards being discarded worldwide.


Paperboard - the greenest option for contactless cards

Like all of our other cards, our contactless cards are produced exclusively on Iggesund’s Invercote paperboard, a sustainable material from well-managed forests and produced at a mill that is powered by bioenergy. Available in either 720 microns or 820 microns, our smart cards can be printed and personalised or supplied as plain white cards suitable for dye sublimation and thermal overprinting. 

To add more robustness or simply embellish your cards, we can apply Celanese’s Bio laminate, which adds a more water-resistant protective layer, wipeable and still harmless to the environment. Like all of our cards, we can feature the coveted Plastic Free Trust Mark logo to contactless cards, which will convey your responsible approach to card production to your customers.

In our next-generation, environmentally friendly contactless cards, the silicone chip (we offer the popular NXP Mifare and DESfire range of chips for your contactless cards) are eliminated through the standard paper recycling process, and the technology, once it forms part of our cards, is accredited CTF repulpable and therefore also recyclable.

Our cards can be branded in the same way as gift, loyalty and membership cards, so adding your company logo to name, ID badges or hotel key cards is easy. Any combination of magnetic strip, signature panel and variable data can also be applied to our contactless cards.

This solution provides a massive opportunity for the industry to move away from the damaging environmental impact of the billions of plastic contactless cards currently produced and discarded around the world.

No matter what your application for contactless cards, ask us how we can help you to switch to paperboard and away from plastic. 


¹Source: Markets and Markets'




Compostable and recyclable



Save up to 40% compared to plastic



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