The problem
Billions of plastic cards are produced every year from an industry worth $24b
The uses
Cards are used for everything from photo ID, instant issue cards, access control, loyalty, membership and gift cards.
The solution
High quality, durable, 100% recyclable paperboard cards supplied blank or with your branding ready for customising.

A small step to making big improvements in your green credentials with enviricard. 

We are on a mission to rid the world of plastic cards.

Whether that’s gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, photo ID cards, access or key cards, or even smart, contactless cards. Whatever your card requirement, we have a solution that will fit – and you’ll be helping the environment.

enviricard is 100% plastic-free, fully recyclable and compostable. It’s a premium product that is robust, water-resistant and customisable. It more than stands up to today’s card demands but without any of the nasties or negative environmental impact of using plastic.

Choose from:

  • Blank cards for you to print with or without smart technology included
  • Cards printed with your base artwork including your brand, QR codes or any fixed content – ready for you to personalise at a moment's notice.

For these uses and more:

  • Gift cards
  • Photo access ID
  • Visitor cards
  • Membership and loyalty cards
  • Access or key cards
  • Event cards
  • Smart or contactless cards (also known as RFID or proximity cards) ​

enviricards are ideal for short runs of 50 to 100 cards, or bulk purchases of hundreds, if not thousands of cards or more. The customisation options give you the flexibility of choice whilst the green credentials ensure you are truly impacting your company’s carbon footprint and reducing your plastic consumption. There is more detail below but you can jump straight to our enviricard FAQs if that would help!

Made from 100% recyclable paperboard

With this new range of sustainable photo ID and access control cards, your organisation can easily move away from plastic cards to a truly environmentally friendly alternative.

The cards are made from the same base material we use for our Green Gift Cards. That means 100% paperboard, which is produced at our partners' mill in Sweden using only bioenergy, no fossil fuels. So from the outset, enviricards are about as eco friendly as it gets. Even better, for every tree harvested, 3 more are planted near the paper mill in Sweden.

even the printing is environmentally friendly

We spent nearly 2 years working with like-minded people who understand our mission of trying to rid the world of unnecessary plastic. This has created a solution that means our cards have the same substrate surface characteristics as PVC cards. It's all the benefits of plastic cards but none of the harmful effects.

The cards have a bio-based formula applied to the Invercote paperboard that works like plastic. The addition of a thin layer of bio coating adds even more durability and water resistance to the paperboard.  enviricards are a premium product that is more than a match for plastic cards but are completely biodegradable and recyclable.

enviricards are specifically designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce plastic consumption and help you hit your sustainability targets.

Choose from these Enviricards

  • CR80 plain white cards for mono (resin) and YMCKO ink ribbons.
  • CR80 plain white cards for mono (resin) and YMCKO ink ribbons with HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripes
  • CR80 cards for mono (resin) and YMCKO ink ribbons with MiFare® Ultralight® EV1 
  • CR80 cards for mono (resin) and YMCKO ink ribbons with MiFare® Ultralight® C
  • CR80 cards for mono (resin) and YMCKO ink ribbons with MiFare® Classic 1K
  • CR80 cards for mono (resin) and YMCKO ink ribbons with DESfire® Light® 

If you're not sure which cards you need, contact us for guidance.

PRINT with your brand and customised information

Not only do we sell blank cards for you to print and customise on-site, using your own dye sublimation printing but we can also base print your artwork. That base printing might include your company branding and any fixed content on the card.

Then we apply the bio-based coating that can then be overprinted in mono or colour for your own on-demand personalisation. 

Enviricards can be printed with personalised information on desktop dye-sublimation printers. Magicard K printer.pngIf you have an Evolis Primacy or Zenius printer, our solution works with their Blackflex ribbon providing a crisp, clear overprint.

Regardless of your printer, the coating we use at enviricard is compostable and will begin to break down within weeks, completely harmlessly in our environment. 

Good for the environment and your budget

OK, so you know enviricards are much better for the environment but how do they compare on price? You might there is a small premium to pay using enviricards but it is just that, a small price to pay to make a positive difference in the world.

It is a premium product plus we all have a moral obligation to do whatever we can to save our planet and to slow down, if not reverse, the damage we are doing to planet earth. Switching your plastic cards to enviricards is a simple way to make a big difference to your sustainability goals.

ID cards.png

Mono Printing

When it comes to printing in black and white (mono resin), enviricard has no issue with printing text, barcodes and QR codes. Text can be printed as small as 6pt and the QR code will print with ease at the recommended size of 25mm x 25mm. When it comes to barcodes we can go down to as little as 20mm x 8.9mm, however, we recommend a size of 25mm x 11mm.

Four colour

When printing with four-colour (CMYK) our cards, it is best to avoid big areas of concentrated colours, however, enviricard can perform just as well as PVC in most cases. We can accommodate edge to edge printing in colour. When it comes to printing black and white with the four-colour ribbon, barcodes and QR codes come out just that little bit crisper and scan and work perfectly at the same sizes as mono.

Remember you can visit the enviricard shop to buy immediately, or you can drop us a line with your enquiry. If you'd rather find out a bit more first, these FAQs might help.



Compostable and recyclable



Save up to 40% compared to plastic



Turnaround average 20 working days

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