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National Union of Students is the the UK’s largest membership group

Your members are your most receptive audience

The easiest way for any organisation or club (professional or recreational) to identify their members is by using membership cards. They can be used as a means of gaining access to all sorts of places, from cultural and heritage sites to sports and gym clubs. Membership cards are also an excellent tool for pushing out special offers and incentives to what are your warmest leads and therefore they can help to build both customer loyalty and customer spend.

As with nearly all form of cards, it is our view that custom membership cards don’t need to be plastic and instead an environmentally friendly paperboard alternative can be used. Our cellulose laminated paperboard cards are just as robust and reliable as plastic cards yet don’t have the same problems when it comes to recycling and disposing of them at the end of their life cycle.  

An environmentally friendly solution for every type of membership card scheme.

We offer a number of ways in which your membership cards can be personalised, with options such as magnetic stripe encoding, sequential numbering and the addition of functionality like a barcode, signature panel or embedded smart chip.  The cards are still recyclable, even our chip technology is certified repulpable.

Our eco friendly membership cards can be as simple or as advanced as you need! This need might only be a simple branded card with a unique code assigned to each user and personalised with the member's name, account number and photo. Or, at the more complex end of the spectrum, our cards can include magnetic strip encoding and the addition of functionality such as a barcode, signature panel or embedded smart chip. The cards are still recyclable, even our chip technology is certified re-pulpable

If the card is part of a membership pack then we can help with that also. Our partnership with Burgopak means we can provide an attractive, dynamic movement, memorable card presentation solution to add an even greater sense of VIP treatment.

We believe membership cards are an important marketing tool as they provide benefits for both the member and you as the provider. For the member, these cards set them apart from non-members making them feel part of an exclusive group and proud to be a member. For your business or organisation, membership cards can be relied upon as an effective way to increase revenue in addition to generating member trust.


1Source memberwise.org.uk





Compostable and recyclable



Save up to 40% compared to plastic



Turnaround average 20 working days

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