Bristol Old Vic: the importance of being green – Act One

25 Oct 2022 • 3 minute read

“All the world’s a stage”, and Bristol Old Vic’s opening act is to make their membership packs 100% plastic-free.  

Built in 1766, Bristol Old Vic is the oldest continuously working theatre in the UK. It is labelled as a symbol of Bristolian pride, and to this day, it remains a place of discovery and adventure. 

Having completed a multi-million-pound redevelopment in 2018, the theatre offers a warm welcome to visitors, and the new Kitchen + Bar offers deli-fresh food that changes with the seasons. 

Bristol Old Vic’s mission? To pioneer a 21st-century theatre in partnership with the energetic, creative people of Bristol. Powered by artists and theatre fans, all in the name of ambition, adventure, and magic. Inspired by their extraordinary heritage, when it came to re-launching their new Membership Packs, it was vital to Bristol Old Vic that their legacy would be clearly conveyed.  

Casting Call for New Membership  

We are here to celebrate the new re-launch of Bristol Old Vic’s memberships cards. After the challenges of Covid, Bristol Old Vic wanted to reconnect with theatregoers and fans and rebuild their relationship with the people of Bristol. 

The re-launch is replacing the previous Friends memberships with a new tiered offer, so patrons can now choose a level of membership which suits them whilst supporting the theatre. 

Bristol Old Vic looked to their heritage for inspiration when naming their tier level.  

During the most recent renovations, candied oranges were found under the auditorium, as past audiences would have eaten oranges as a snack and occasionally even thrown them at performers! 

Lavender – Honouring the late trailblazer and legendary theatre manager Sarah Macready who was well known for wearing her lavender-scented perfume. It’s rumoured that Sarah’s ghost still roams the theatre halls, and you can often smell the lavender. 

Thunder – Bristol Old Vic has one of three surviving Thunder Runs in the UK (and the only one still in use). Thunder Runs were used to create the sound of thunder in the auditorium.  

Bristol Old Vic 823 x 685 px.jpg

Branded, Eco-Friendly Membership Cards  

Green Gift Card understands how important brand consistency is. Bristol Old Vic’s values of adventure, creativity and preservation needed to be conveyed across the Membership Packs. This includes the customer's experience from the point they choose to sign up for membership. Traditionally, many theatres with membership schemes have used cards made from plastic wrapped in non-recyclable sleeves that do not easily break down. In fact, the plastic commonly found in membership and loyalty cards could still be around in 400 years.  

Despite their durability, plastic cards come with an 8.3 billion ton problem. Since most plastic cards will end up in landfills, they can’t or won’t be recycled. When left to break down, this plastic becomes a poisonous polluter

Green is the way to go  

Working in partnership, Bristol Old Vic and Green Gift Card have transformed the Membership pack to be 100% plastic free and recyclable. The main driver for change is Bristol Old Vic’s update in environmental policy. They have pledged to continue with their efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle across the organisation. This is part of their commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices.  

At Green Gift Card, we recognise the importance of having high-quality products without compromising the environment. Bristol Old Vic opted for uncoated 666-micron membership packs using the famous Holmen Iggesund Invercote paperboard. Invercote is made from the by-product of wood cutting at the Iggesund mill, where it is made into a pulp, dried out and layered to create the durable, world-renowned Green Gift Card cards.  

Bristol Old Vic single 823 x 685 px.jpg

Being Green, maintaining quality  

When approaching the re-design of their membership pack, it was vital to Bristol Old Vic that they ensured the same high level of quality that they have throughout their theatre. So, when it came to designing their membership card's casing, Bristol Old Vic opted for the Maltese Cross Sleeve. This brochure combines its compact size and unique unfolding design, often described as the storyteller brochure. As it unfolds, you are led through an enticing path. Very fitting for the storytellers at the Bristol Old Vic.  

Your Membership Cards  

Your own bespoke environmentally friendly membership cards are easier to obtain than you might think. If you want to build or update your membership programme, we offer several options, such as magnetic stripe encoding, sequencing numbering, barcodes, and embedded smart chips. All are 100% plastic free and fully recyclable.  

Begin your plastic-free Membership card journey by contacting a Green Gift Card team member to discuss your requirements.  

Find out more about Bristol Old Vic via their website; 



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Introducing our range of plastic-free cards

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