The Rise of Eco Consumerism: Custom Business Loyalty Cards

26 Jan 2024 • 3 minute read

The pressure in business to find a sustainable option to reduce your environmental impact and align with customers’ demands is high. However, this is easier said than done when making sustainable choices. What do ‘green’, ‘eco’ or ‘good for the environment’ mean in reality? 

With so many half-truths and greenwashing statements out there, making a sustainable choice can feel like trying to complete the Wipe Out course. (What a blast from the past!)

This mindset shift inspired our founder, Graham Lycett, to start Green Gift Cards. He aimed to cut through the loud greenwashing noise to make products that could eradicate single-use plastic from the UK gift, membership, ID and loyalty card industry. This is where our custom cards made from sustainably sourced natural and biodegradable paperboard come in.

Green Gift Cards have always been at the forefront of the eco-movement in the paperboard card industry. We work with the renowned Holmen Iggesund, who makes our paperboard gift cards in Sweden. Iggesund is an expert in forestry care, so much so that their team wrote the book for the FSC

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Why Choose Eco-Friendly Loyalty Cards?

Your aim should be to create a customisable loyalty card that reflects your unique brand without compromising sustainability. It sounds good in principle, but what about in practice?

We have a couple of compelling reasons why your business should consider switching to custom plastic-free loyalty cards:

  • Environmental Impact: Traditional plastic cards are a significant source of single-use plastic waste. Each year in the UK alone, 500 million plastic cards are estimated to be issued. The majority end up in landfills, ultimately breaking down into microplastic. Paperboard loyalty cards made from materials that can be recycled with bulk paper recycling or certified biodegradable significantly reduce your environmental footprint.

  • Carbon emissions: Paperboard loyalty cards have a significantly lower production carbon footprint. Whilst a single PVC gift card typically produces 21 grams of carbon, our eco loyalty card equivalent produces a meagre 11 grams. 

  • Brand Image: Research has consistently shown that consumers actively purchase from brands that prioritise sustainability over those that don’t. By offering eco-friendly loyalty cards as part of your loyalty card scheme, you can demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility. You’ll resonate with eco-conscious customers who recognise your commitment to genuinely eco-friendly practices.

  • Cost-effective: Eco products have wrongly gained the reputation of being more expensive. However, this is not the case. As loyalty card manufacturers, our cards take less time, energy and money to produce, resulting in a lower cost per card than plastic.

  • Customer Loyalty: It is widely accepted that customers are more likely to be loyal to brands that share their values and are authentic in their communication. Offering eco-friendly loyalty cards is a great way to connect with environmentally conscious customers and build stronger relationships.

  • Unique and Memorable: Custom store loyalty cards offer a unique and memorable eco alternative to traditional plastic cards. Our loyalty cards can be personalised via desktop printers to display the customer's name, customer number and more, making them a more effective marketing tool.

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Green Gift Cards: A Sustainable Solution

At Green Gift Cards, we offer a wide range of customisable options for loyalty cards to reflect your business’s unique brand. Our cards are high-quality, FSC-certified paperboard, ensuring they are both sustainable and durable. 

We offer various printing options and additions, including full-colour printing and embossing, foil, matte or satin finish, so you can create cards that truly reflect your brand.

We offer over 20 years of loyalty card printing experience and help our clients with design templates and helpful tips to get you started with creating your custom cards that are both stylish and eco-friendly.

Making the Switch to Eco-Friendly Loyalty Cards

If you want to make your business more sustainable and appeal to eco-conscious consumers, then switching to custom eco-friendly loyalty cards is a great option. At Green Gift Cards, we make creating cards that are good for the planet and your brand easy and affordable.

So why not ditch the plastic and go green? With custom paperboard loyalty cards from Green Gift Cards, you can show your commitment to sustainability while creating a unique and memorable branding experience for your customers.



Compostable and recyclable



Save up to 40% compared to plastic



Turnaround average 20 working days

Introducing our range of plastic-free cards

Since 2006 we have been innovating and disrupting in the card market to develop what is a leading range of environmentally-friendly card solutions. So what sets us apart?

Well that’s the thing, there’s a number of reasons why Green Gift Cards are renowned in the world of card production. It is the material we use for our cards and the certification that the cards come with. It is also the compelling environmental story (we urge you to watch the video) that is behind all of our cards and the fact that, once finished with, our cards are compostable and can be recycled in normal household waste streams. Oh and we’ll say it again – being environmentally-friendly doesn’t mean they are more expensive. In fact they offer great value compared to plastic cards.

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